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  • Cool/Heat: G/H radiator

    I've been working on my early hemi swap for some time now, the problem is I can't keep it cool on the test stand. I've switched to a alum. jeep V8 rad with shrouded twin 12'inch fans and checked and rechecked all the obvious things.

    I found a company that sells 1.25" two core rad. that fit a '57- 58 golden hawk. the question is will that rad. fit in a GT hawk? with little or no mods
    Mark Riesch
    New Bern, NC

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    I am 99 percent sure it will fit. If the 1.25" does not cool it, you could try a modern, three core, copper tube. They will fit, and are equal to a five row OEM radiator, if they'd made one. I have them in my 56J and both GTs.

    Cooling problems are common, when installing larger motors in Studes. The, "Joe Granatelli Avanti", with Caddy 429 installed in the 1960s, had a cooling problem from day one, and still had the problem when I saw it in the late 1980s. I also met a guy who put a Caddy V8 in a GT Hawk, and could not cool it down. I bet both of those cars could be cooled today though, with modern radiator technology.

    Don't give up!

    The 1.25", two core you are considering should increase cooling capacity significantly for you, but you still have other options, if it is not enough. Don't give up!


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      I've seen a lot of engine swaps in my day. You can keep throwing money at a number of possible solutions to your problem, OR you can pick up the phone and call Griffin Radiator. Tell them what you've got and the problem you have. Follow their advice, buy what they suggest. End of problems. It won't be cheap, but you'll be 'good-to-go' with their solution.