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1957 Hawk Vent Window Restoration

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  • Body / Glass: 1957 Hawk Vent Window Restoration

    Well, I am progressing with my 57 Golden Hawk but every "event" creates delays and some confusion (to me!) After researching on the forum everything related to restoring the vent windows I still have an unanswered question. As near as I can figure, the rubber vertical seal that you get from SI should be glued in place with some kind of adhesive. However, after peeling the original rubber off, I found a metal strip along the length of the riser riveted to the frame. The original rubber seal had holes at every location there was a rivet. Did the rivets originally hold the rubber seal as well as the metal strip to the frame? The metal strip was clearly underneath the rubber seal. I suspect it was there to give more structural strength to the frame rather than hold the rubber on???? There are no washers beneath the rivets and it is hard to imagine that small surface area of the rivets was enough to sufficiently grab ahold of the rubber seal??? Anyone with experience here ? Should I just punch holes at the rivet locations and just glue the seal in place?

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    The rivets anchor the rubber strip with bonded steel strip to the frame and window run. The rivets are 3/32" diameter and fit into a depression in the window run, such that the window will not rub on the rivet head as it moves up and down. My experience is with "63-64 assemblies but I expect the '57s to be the same. I am just completing the replacement of a window run on a '64 Daytona HT. It is not a fun job and requires lots of improvisation. Of course, the whole assembly must be removed to accomplish this. My latest effort, after doing a few Avantis, was a bit more difficult as my stock of the 3/32" rivets was depleted on the Avantis, so I had to use 9/64" ones and shorten them a tad. Also my improvisational tools were a distant memory and I had to start for scratch.
    If your window run is passable, leave the rivets intact and find a good adhesive to bond the rubber strip to the existing riveted steel strip. You would have to remove the steel strip from your new rubber seal to do this. This should give you an idea of what you are up against in restoring the assemblies.