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new rear shocks

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  • Shocks: new rear shocks

    Just got my new rear shocks for the hawk yesterday. Gabriel #82151. Rock auto shows for 60-62 hawk and I have a 64 but for the life of me cant see what could be different. Plus I'am using a 62 frame and spring set up as that is what the CA frame and body shell started out as. Got them for $57.32 with free shipping from Amazon.

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    IIRC, the bottom shock mount is different......I believe in '64 it was a 'bayonet' type mount (ie, a threaded stud that pointed down) as opposed to a "loop" mount that has a rubber bushing inside it.

    Easy to use the earlier shocks on a later car - just swap the bottom spring plates that the U-bolts go thru. If you are using a '62 frame, you should be good to go.
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