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Starter Solenoid

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  • Ignition: Starter Solenoid

    Here's a really dumb question! I just got a new starter solenoid...the type that mounts to the fender well (56 Sky Hawk), and there's nothing on it to indicate which wires hook up where on it. Help...

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    Do you still have the old one hooked up? If you do just follow the way that one is. They are fairly simple. On most the pos. from battery hooks to one side, Cable to starter to the other and hot from key to one of the small wires. That's what use to make it so simple to steal these cars when new. If you had a piece of wire to run from the pos. of battery to pos of coil and a pair of pliers you where on your way.


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      I don't have the old one...


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        The battery cable attaches to the large solenoid terminal closest to the battery. Any smaller #12 red wires and black wires also attach there, under the battery cable. The other large terminal gets the large starter cable only.
        If you look very closely at the two smaller terminals, they should be marked 'S' and 'I'. A green/black wire goes to the 'I' terminal, and a white/red wire goes to the 'S' terminal.

        Click image for larger version

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          A Ford style starter will not have a solinoid on it. The cable just attaches to the 3/8" copper lug on the side of the starter.= Jim


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            Originally posted by jrlemke View Post
            A Ford style starter will not have a solenoid on it. The cable just attaches to the 3/8" copper lug on the side of the starter.= Jim
            No problem, he found the Ford Solenoid on the Inner fender of his '56 Sky Hawk in Post #1.
            Second Generation Stude Driver,
            Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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              UPDATE - These old eyes found the "S" and "I". Thanks, guys...


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                Suggestion: Get yourself a nice small digital camera and photograph things BEFORE you take them apart. I have found that it saves me a lot of questions later.