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Why Different Size Tires?

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  • Wheels: Why Different Size Tires?

    Something I can't figure out. The 56 Golden Hawk came Stock with 7.10x15 tires, and the Sky Hawk came Stock with 6.70x15 tires. BOTH came Stock with 15x5 rims. Instead of using 205/75x15 (6.70x15 replacement) tires on a Sky Hawk rim, why wouldn't I be able to use 215/75x15 (7.10x15 replacement) tires, since both rims are the same size?

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    Who says you can't?
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      Your first question - a heavier and more prestigious car.
      Your second question - no reason that I can think of (except that I believe that your cross reference sizes are one high).
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        There is no reason not to use P215X75R15 Tires many of of us have done that successfully, except:

        The only downside is the Tire Mfg. MINIMUM recommended Wheel widths for that Tire are 5.5-7.00 Inches.

        Have a few wider than recommended RADIAL tires burst the old bias ply designed narrow Wheels, YES they have, under what conditions, rusted wheels, loose Rim rivets, spirited driving, overloading etc. I do NOT know. Many have NOT!

        Click the Orange link to Tire Sizes and Specs.
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