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#7011 Halibrand wheels

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  • Wheels: #7011 Halibrand wheels

    I'm looking to replace the rims on my '56 Hawk and found these...

    2 questions...

    1) Has anyone used these? If so, what are your thoughts.

    2) I have original rims, but I would prefer the wheels/tires to be wider. What size rims and tires would people here recommend?


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    There are several threads here about them, some one who is good with the search thingy can find them. People seem happy with the wheels.
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      1 - No, I used American Racing Salt Flats with the painted centers - really like the look and also harken back to the era these wheels you posted do.

      2 - I'm running 16x7 in the rear and 16x5.5 in the front - the fronts are fine, the rears, with the tires I have, are snug, but not rubbing, although I did have to roll my fender lips ever so slightly to ensure enough clearance. In fact, thinking of putting an 8.8" rear from a '90-92 4.0 Ranger in - they're about 1.5" narrower than stock - would give me just a wee bit more clearance on each side.
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        I have 15x6 Halibrand repops with 225/70x15's on my '63 hawk and love them. Knock off centers come separately.