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  • Engine: Cam Gear Install Tool

    This is the simplest tool I have put together as I used a kit and added my own parts. Anyone should be able to make this work from stuff you have or the extra parts should be no more than a few dollars. I was looking for some 3/8-24 all thread and could only find it online. B7 was the easiest grade to acquire that would be strong enough to do the job. If this tool fails that is my next step, although it was my first choice. I had the harbor Freight set on the shelf and on the off chance it could have some parts I could use I was surprised to find it just about everything I needed.

    First a Harbor Freight tool #40749, or equivalent, Pulley Remover & Installer Set needs to be used. Right now they are $18.99.

    Next an exhaust stud 3/8 x 2" overall length 3/8-24 x 1-1/16" 3/8-16 x11/16" or something similar. I had a couple because they are used on Studebakers as exhaust flange studs.

    Next I ground the castellations off a 3/8-24 nut to thin it down. This goes on the 24 thread side that goes into the end of the camshaft. I put it on that side as it will back out to the unthreaded part of the stud and remove the stud from the camshaft if it gets a little hard to remove with the tool or with my fingers.

    Now a spacer is needed that will slip over the threaded part of the tool, similar to what came with the set, but will keep the sets bearing dragging and scoring on the nice new cam gear.

    That is it. Now it's just a matter of using the installer set like any other except it is now suitable for installing Studebaker camshaft gears. I will use this setup in the next week and will report on it's effectiveness. The only problem that I foresee is that the set could be of low grade material and the threads of the installer gall.

    Click image for larger version

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    This is a sample post to your thread, Len, to see if it is "counted." BP
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      Looks like it worked Bob.
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        Nice work!

        Looks like a baby harmonic balancer-hub installer tool..
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          Yes, I see it's now working. I don't know how. I can go onto other posts and it doesn't count my view. Thanks guys for checking it for me.


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            Latest update.

            Installed the cam gear today, with the tool, and all went well. No problems and everything went as expected. So it does work well.