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Truck Lock is inoperable

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  • Body: Truck Lock is inoperable

    1962 GT Hawk.

    Can I go through to the trunk from the inside after removing the rear seat backs or drill the lock out from the outside?



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    Pull the back seat! I've always used a ratchet and socket,with about 3-4 feet of extensions on it to unbolt trunk latch from body. I don't remember on the Hawks whether there is enough room to actually crawl into the trunk from the back seat area.-But definitely no need to drill your lock!


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      You can crawl into the trunk with the backseat out. That is assuming your personal diameter does not exceed the size of the opening. I just can fit through there on my 61. Once in the trunk you can either unbolt the latch from the tail panel or reach up into the big square opening in the trunk inner liner and pop the lock by hand. Once you get your hand on the little wire rod that connects the lock to the latch, all you have to do is give it a little pull to release the latch. This explanation assumes that the 62 latch assembly is the same as a 61. I think they would be the same.

      Good Luck
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        I once had to crawl through when someone attempted to gain forceful access and destroyed the lock on my '53, while there were two extra tires plus the spare in there. Fortunately at the time I only weighed 140 pounds! A very long extension on a ratchet is a GREAT idea!
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          Tape or somehow cover the sharp edges that are bound to be on the metal supports behind the seat.
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            Originally posted by 55 56 PREZ 4D View Post
            Tape or somehow cover the sharp edges that are bound to be on the metal supports behind the seat.
            Great advise! That metal can cut you open like it's a can opener and you're the can. Same advise applies when working on window regulators.


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              Try this.. after you get back inside...

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