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power steering to a 1951 commander land cruiser

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  • Steering: power steering to a 1951 commander land cruiser

    Hi from Israel, I have now in my shop a 1951 commander land cruiser that I need to find a way to install power steering on it.
    does someone here can help me with info of my options?

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    Since the frame and engine were basically the same from 1951 to 1966 there maybe a chance that the Studerbaker Bendix style power steering kit could be adapted.
    Did anyone evert try this?

    Robert Kapteyn


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      You could also try an electrical assistance but you'll need a 12V electrical circuit with a negative ground.
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        Studebaker West here in California installed one on a 51 but said it was a bear of a job and not sure how good it would work and for how long, but owner wanted it on so they did the best they could and for them to take the time and tackle a job like this is not what they like to do or want to do. Call Carl at 1-650-366-6767 and ask him your self.
        Castro Valley,


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          I'm going to convert the car to 12V negative ground anyway.
          the issue with the electric power steering is the automatic steering control that i s located on the column.


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            Electric power steering? Since quite a few mid sized GM cars like the Pontiac Grand Am, etc. offered electric assist; does anybody know what would be involved in doing such a conversion aside from the obvious 'splicing in series' the controller into the steering column under the dash?

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              A LOT of manufacturers have begun using electric power steering, Mazda, was one of the first on a smaller car, the 2016 Dodge Rams have electric steering! I'm sure that one of the am/kt rack and pinon companies will come up with something! Flaming River, Ididit, etc.

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                According to those promoting it, nothing else than 12V negative ground. You can also tweak the amount of assistance to suit your needs or switch it off when you are on the road.


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                  I would think that the '58-'66 Bendix P/S system would fit with few, if any, issues..........Still, it's a great idea to go with a 12V negative ground electrical system...that change will really make a usable car out of it!