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Coil Substitution

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  • Ignition: Coil Substitution

    Can an internally resisted ignition coil, with out a ballast resistor, be substituted for a non internally resisted coil/ballast resistor...and work properly?
    Last edited by 345 DeSoto; 12-25-2015, 08:11 AM.

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    Probably should remove the ballast resistor from the power circuit


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      All matters here are 12 volt I assume. If so, just do as Dan said, and it should work OK.


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        Ballast resistor reduces voltage to points to about 7.5v to reduce burning the points up.
        An internal resistor coil has the ballast resistor built in.
        So, you can only remove the ballast resistor if you replace the coil with an internal resistor coil.
        If you put a regular coil on w/o a ballast resistor (or resistor wire) you will burn your points.
        If you add a ballast resistor to an internal resistor coil you will have massively reduced voltage to the coil.
        So...Yes. Put an internal resistor coil and and remove the ballast resistor.
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          DEEPNHOCK - Thank you for that clarification, and to all that answered this Post, I hope you have a Merry Christmas...