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2R truck climatizer removal

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  • Cool/Heat: 2R truck climatizer removal

    I'm going to replace the wiring on a '52 2R17 and have already found that the fan switch for this truck needs rewiring/replacing, so I am trying to remove the climatizer box but I've removed most all the screws and the 4 bolts under the dash but it still won't budge. The only 2 other screws I can see are at the bottom of the frame holding the fan in place but they seem to be too small to be keeping the box so firmly in place.
    Does anyone know the trick to removing the climatizer box in a 2R truck?

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    How about the chimney (duct on top of the box) for the defroster. There is a little screw that holds it up. The screw is in a slotted hole. It needs to be loosened so that you can slide it down for clerance.
    John Clary
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      I did find that screw and remove it, the chimney has dropped down from the dash. It seems still the box doesn't move off the dash shelf.

      I have been advised that I likely need to more firmly remove it from the dash, it may be the gasket around the lower opening is helping to keep the box in place. I needed to ask before I took the next step to start using more force to remove the box from the dash than it took me today at first.


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        Yes, there's a foam rubber gasket on the bottom of the box that probably has turned to glue. I think SI may sell new ones, so don't worry about tearing up the old one. Push up on the box from inside the cab, or pry it up with a big screwdriver. If you still have an intact trap door on the bottom of the box, it can prevent you from simply sliding the box off the shelf. The box must be raised a half inch to slide out.
        Skip Lackie


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          I'll look again today, thanks for the reassurance to muscle it out and to watch the trap door. This one does have that intact.


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            It took a small prybar and a few judicious tugs, but the undercoating finally let go. I think that and the adhesive they used on the original gasket were was was holding the box in place.

            Is there a modern equivalent or comparable product drivers used for the engine compartment undercoating? I have a few slits around the plate where the radio went I'd like to seal up. In a '52 2R17