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Replacement parts for 3 on the tree

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  • Transmission: Replacement parts for 3 on the tree

    Good afternoon. I have a 1965 Commander...6cyl. 3 on the tree. I have replaced the bushings on the linkage on steering column and at the trans. I cannot get it to shift. I believe it need the shifter and steering column rebuilt, once I can get the shift lever to move, the trans works fine. Does anyone know if they sell kits to rebuild these? I also need to replace the turn signal in the column. Thanks for the help.

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    Starting at the shift lever, the shift collar may be worn where the roll pin holds the lever, perhaps not. The rubber seal at the lever and collar may be dry, cracked or even gone, perhaps not. The business end of the shift lever is a small ball that fits in a small socket that is tack welded to the column shifter tube. I would suspect that little socket is well worn or partially detached, and causing your problem, as it sounds like you've addressed any bushing issues below. Sometimes this can also be caused by fatigued engine/tranny mounts.
    I believe whatever parts you may need are all readily available from several of our Studebaker vendors, but not as a kit. Rely on diagnoses.
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      The part on the 65s that gets worn is the part that you replaced the linkage bushing on. This part on the column is just a flat piece of steel and the button on the tube in the column kinda hogs out the hole. Also the button on the tube can wear down. There is also a spacer inside the selector that bolts onto the transmission. The spacer can wear down in either the FR selector or the 2-3 selector and when this happens the transmission can shift into two gear at once. I would first check the linkage alignment because it could just be that you do not have the linkages adjusted correctly.
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