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  • Rear Axle: Dana postive track

    I purchased a 1951 Commander with V8 automatic. I believe the rear axle and differential is a Dana positive track. The numbers on the differential case are on right 46B and 44 18478; on left 46-133 and 3.54. What year and car models would this axle and differential been used? Also the car does not have the rear emergency brake cables. Thus if I knew the car models and year that the differential and axle was used on I can obtain the correct rear emergency brake cables.


    Ron Acton

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    From the numbers it states it is a TT by the 46B a larger size by the 44 with gears of 354 but if it is in a 51 car then the tags and guts have been changed to fit the car since the early cars had different width rear ends but if the spring supports were changed then a later housing would fit but might be a tire problem since they are wider .
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      Ron, the required emergency brake cables will depend on what brakes are installed on the rear, so a more positive identification would be to determine what brakes are on the back. Are the brakes on the back still the '51 Commander or were they changed with the rear end?

      Most likely, you could have three potential Studebaker V8 rear brake setups - the original '51 Commander; 10" brakes with the star wheel adjuster ('54 thru '66 drum brake cars); or 11" rear brakes from a car originally fitted with front disc brakes ('63 thru '66).
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        Sorry the number on lower right of differential case is 45B. The number on lower left is 46-13 and below thar 3.54.


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          That is just the Ring Gear tooth count 46, and the Pinion Gear tooth count 13 = a 3.54 Ratio Dana Axle used with Automatic Transmission.
          There is no way to determine the year of the Housing, the year of the Ring and Pinion is stamped into the Ring Gear, but would be of no use since those are basically all the same.

          You need to know which Brakes are mounted on this replacement Axle.

          The 45B only indicates a Twin Traction Limited Slip Axle used from 1957 and on in various detail forms like 45C.
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