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1950 Land Cruiser 245 head question

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  • Engine: 1950 Land Cruiser 245 head question

    I finally got my painted body lowered onto the chassis, and I am starting to make plans to go over the engine that has been in the back of my garage since I took it out six years ago...

    I was in the SI catalog looking for misc. engine parts. I noticed that there are two heads available for the '38 to '60 Commander is for the standard 7.0:1 compression ratio, and the other is for 7.5:1 compression ratio...

    1692061: 38-60 Commander 6-cylinder 7.5:1 compression ratio
    1692062: 38-60 Commander 6-cylinder

    Is there any benefit to the 1:75 over the 1:70 head? My pistons are +.030 at this time.

    Just curious...thank you all...

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    Maybe 2 or 3 horsepower with the high compression head. At the time, the low compression head was mostly intended for use in places like Mexico where gasoline octanes were low.
    Skip Lackie


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      I wouldn't change a head for the half point increase in compression, but if you needed to buy a head to replace a bad or missing head, then I'd go with the 7.5 head.