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Fix for turn signals that won't hold.

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  • Electrical: Fix for turn signals that won't hold.

    I decided to write this up because someone else may have this problem. When I got my 52 the turn signal switch would only hold while turning one direction. I found that the screw marked by the yellow arrow was loose. This allowed the plate under it to jump one of the pins that locate it. After I repositioned the plate and tightened the screw, the signal seemed okay.
    After I drove the car a bit the signals got to the point that they would not hold on neither a left or right turn. It was very awkward signaling and turning a stick shift car at the same time. I expected that the screw had loosened and thought I might have to apply some Loctite to keep it in place, but when I opened the switch the screw was fine.
    I sat in the car looking for a problem and trying to understand how the mechanism worked. I finally realized that there had to be a bit of tension on the moving part of the mechanism for it to hold until the cam canceled the switch.The original spring (blue arrow) was very light and I may have stretched it. I found a heavier spring (red arrow) and tried it and now the signal works like it should. I also cleaned out some dried out grease and lubed some moving parts while I was in there. I hope this may save an otherwise good switch from being discarded.
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    Thanks for the tip.


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      I had a similar experience with my 50 Champion when I bought it 1 1/2 years ago. One day I had some time to kill and took the cover off. I found a couple loose screws and a simple adjustment had it working like new, and only took a few minutes start to finish. Now I need to center the steering wheel so it doesn't cancel too soon on left turns.