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overdrive interchageable?

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  • Transmission: overdrive interchageable?

    will an overdrive& or transmission from a 1955 commander fit a 1954 champion?

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    Not easily, the mounting holes are different, the input shaft is different.


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      I have a complete tranny and overdrive from a 1953 Champion, and I'd bet that would fit.


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        Well, the overdrive parts from a '55 Commander can be used to fix the overdrive on a '54 Champion. But the entire transmission is very different, and the complete overdrive cannot be taken off the Commander transmission and installed on a Champion transmission that was made without overdrive. Wrong case, wrong mainshaft. I also recently discovered that the T96 transmission changed a lot over the years. I scrapped out a rusty long-tail T86 which I bought at St. Louis, and thought Hey! Maybe the long-tail overdrive can be adapted to that T96 OD transmission in the barn without the OD unit on it? No such luck; bolt pattern is completely different, and also the thickness of the intermediate plate that carries the solenoid is different. Somewhere, in the course of the switch from short-tail to long tail transmissions, there were other changes made to the cases.

        So I am still looking for a T96 long-tail overdrive to go in a car in Arizona.
        Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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          I have a 53 Champion and a 58 Champion complete and intact Overdrive. Short and Long shaft. Let me know if you need help. There also is a local shop that rebuilds standard transmission for $75.00-$100.00.

          Bob Miles
          Tucson AZ


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            1955 commander has a t86 and a 1954 champion is a t96, as said above they do not interchange.

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