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Power Steering Fluid Leak

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  • Steering: Power Steering Fluid Leak

    I have a small leak on my 62 GT. I assumed it was likely some lines getting old but they all look good and fairly new. The only place I can see fluid collecting is on the bottom of the pump/reservoir. It does not appear to be coming from the output fitting. Anyone have any ideas where the leak may be? I see the pump bolts together. Could the pump itself be leaking? Any thoughts? Thanks.. It's going into storage tomorrow. A sad day!

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    Back in the 70's I had to replace a seal on the container, which as I recall was just a large thin O ring. On another pump it was leaking at the fitting, and I believe that was also an O ring. These were a couple of GM cars, but I think Studebaker used the same pump.


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      There is two square shouldered "O" rings under the reservoir. Sop out the fluid, and the one large nut inside seperates the tank from the pump. You don't even have to remove the pump from the car. If that is all that is leaking. Most vendors have pump seal kits.
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        I've had to replace the p/s pump shaft seal a few times over the years.....a very likely culprit!.....Not a difficult job.


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          Thanks guys... I will plan on replacing those seals in the spring. Planning on going to York in March so trying to compile the list of goodies early!