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window fuzzies

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  • Interior: window fuzzies

    I want to replace the window fuzzies on my 64 cruiser. I know I have to take off the door panels to replace the base of the window,but how do replace the fuzzie at the top of the door? I do not see any screws to take off. thanks in advance.

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    Should be held on by small clips that push into the door panel.


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      I think the OP is confusing fuzzies (cat whiskers) vs. window run. The cat whiskers only go on the outside of the window (bottom w/ clips) and stapled into the door panel itself. If you only replace the outer cat whiskers, that may not be enough. The door window channel requires removal of the panel, glass window, regulator and vent window assy. Great time to lube all moving parts.....time consuming...How about some door rubber too ?