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Funny Brake Pedal Feel

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  • Brakes: Funny Brake Pedal Feel

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    I wouldn't say it's a third class setup. It looks almost identical to the setup on my 69 Barracuda. Even so there should be free play in the rod before brakes take effect. Does the master cylinder you replaced it with have a residual pressure valve? I'm far from expert in this but that is what strikes me first. On my Avanti I installed a one way valve to prevent loss of vacuum in the system. Hopefully Jim Turner will chime in on this.
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      Hi Warren,
      Thanks for the reply. I didn't say it was a third-class setup; I said it was a third-class lever. There is no residual pressure valve in the master cylinder, and I'm very certain the fault does not lie with the Turner brakes. They work perfectly; it is the relationship between the brake pedal and the brake booster that is the problem (I think.)


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        Problem solved (I think). Further examination revealed that there was no bump stop for the brake pedal, which allowed the brake pedal (and its actuating rod) to retract too far. I installed a 5/16" bolt and two nuts where the bump stop is supposed to be and was able to lower the brake pedal enough so that any pressure on the pedal engaged the power brake booster. It feels like the brakes are disengaging fully when the brake pedal is on its new stop, so I think everything is good to go. Now I need to find a REAL brake pedal bump stop. Also, I adjusted the clutch pedal clevis and its bump stop so that the clutch and brake pedals are at the same resting level. The clutch engages closer to the floor, as you might expect, but it feels like it releases entirely when fully depressed. So, any thoughts on where to get a brake pedal bump stop? Thanks.


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          That "bump stop" is not used on my car, just two drilled holes in the bracket, I used one for electric brake switch mount. The pedal height is controlled by the eccentric mounting the rod to the pedal no stop per the manual. Please be suspicious of the pin that the lever swivels on, in the bracket. Have someone press the pedal, and watch to see if the square head of the pin rotates, then stops at the stamped locating ridges, and still lets the lever move. Mine had seized up at some time in the past, and gave the same feeling, but stopped the lever from swiveling that last 1/4 turn needed to push the rod all the way forward to get full master cylinder travel. Appears it was never caught before, resulting in panic stop attempt that BENT the brake pedal pad area about 30 degrees by former owner! That pin should not rotate at all in the squared off area of the bracket, at all, it's just an "axle" inside the tube for the levers. Pull the cotter key, extract the pin, polish and lube well. I had to remove the bracket, heat the tube portion of the lever with a torch, cut part of it off and drive it out with a sledge hammer it was so well seized to the tube, to get mine out. Then adjust the pedal height if you want to, by loosening the nut on the rod swivel at the pedal, rotate it (it's eccentric) to where you want it, there is no return spring or stop, upward travel of the pedal is limited by the lever in the bracket, "bottoming out" on the firewall, when pushed back by the booster and M/C springs only. The only way to change it to give some "free play" is to shorten the rod into the booster, or space the booster further away from the mount bracket with different size bushings. Hope this helps. I too, have an aftermarket booster adapted and master cylinder, so we both have Franken Brakes.
          "Pin" is 1112-5 plate 11-5 part #1553239 I substituted a long shoulder grade 8 bolt and lock nut for it
          Forgot--if it doesn't feel right till you push down a ways you might need to adjust as above-or check the booster to master cylinder push rod- the adjuster may have backed out or tightened up changing the clearance and therefore the feel of the pedal needing to go further or less than it did.
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