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6V electric fuel pump

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  • Fuel System: 6V electric fuel pump

    Has anyone done this and recommends a particular electric fuel pump over another? Where do you get the cover plate to closeup the original fuel pump opening?

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    Here's a link to 6 volt pumps.

    They are reliable, alcohol resistant, etc.... Make sure you put a filter before the pump and a safety switch in line with the power supply..

    The stock fuel pump can be removed and the hole covered with a GM SBC(350) block off plate.... Just did the same thing..
    64 GT Hawk (K7)
    1970 Avanti (R3)


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      You don't "need" a 6v pump.
      I've got a Carter, (12v) P4389 pump on my 6v Conestoga.

      I set up the fuel system for the new engine it will get one of these days, a hot rod 299. This includes the 12volt Carter pump.
      I actually had to adjust the pressure regulator all the way down to lower the output pressure low enough to properly feed the flathead six single barrel carburetor.
      Been there for a coupla years and more than a few thousand miles without problem.



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        I have a 6 volt Carter (Precision from O'Reilley's) and two 12 volt Holley pumps. I like them and use a resistor to reduce the voltage to 3 volts, which gives the right volume and pressure for my 50 Champion.