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Looking for Brake Shop capable of balancing hub/drum combination in Minnesota/Wisconsin

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  • Wheels: Looking for Brake Shop capable of balancing hub/drum combination in Minnesota/Wisconsin

    Hi, new post following my earlier tribulations with a bad hub mated to NOS drums (and mistake of taking to local, old-time but not capable, auto shop) for my '57 Golden Hawk's front 11" wheels.

    I am getting another hub (previous one was 20 mils too large for outer bearing cup)... Thought I should mount on my loose spindle in the vise, and see what the runout is NOW so I could compare when I put the next hub in. Oh my.... in mounting the newly combined NOS drums on used hubs, and new studs, I see the shop must have screwed up the pairing somehow, one visibly wobbled (fortunately the one getting replaced). The other one appears to have about 0.015" run-out (freshly 'trued'!), not sure how they managed that. Live and learn.

    Anyway, noticed large balance weights on both my old original drums, (none on the NOS ones, as they were JUST drums), but not finding anything by googling online. Need a shop with the tools and experience to do this important job RIGHT.

    Anyone in the St.Paul MN or Hudson, WI area know of any shop that still does vintage drum brake work, and knows what they are doing ?

    Sigh; this was NOT on my list of "going to take some time" items.....

    Thanks !!!

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    Twin City Brake and Equipment or Minneapolis Brake and Equipment (forgot the exact name) is the place to go. They have the equipment and know how to use it. They swaged my Model A brake hubs and studs.
    If fact I need to go there later today to buy some bubble flare brake line to replace the rusted lines on my 1999 Olds 88.