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Wagonaire Sliding Top Tracks

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  • Body: Wagonaire Sliding Top Tracks

    I have a couple of questions that I would like some feedback on. I have the top off for new seals and also took the tracks down to clean and paint while I'm at it. "While I'm at it." That is the reason the Wagonaire is still not on the road since July of 2013. I was only going to put HushMat down in the floor to try and quite the noise level and perhaps control some of the heat when running down the highway. But, once started I found I had the "While I'm at it I might as well . . ." disease. One thing led to another until now, 2 years later I have worked my way up to the top and, hopefully, may actually put it back on the road this year! But I'm off topic so here are the questions:

    Has anyone enlarged the drain pipes on the track of the sliding top? Any suggestions about doing it or not doing it?

    I am thinking about putting POR15 on the actual track where the wheels run when the top is opened or closed. I have some on hand so I don't have to buy it. It dries smooth and hard and stops any rust. Surprisingly there was one 6" portion of the track where the rust had created some actual pretty deep and long pits. It is rather thick and I'm a little worried about messing up the adjustment when the top is put back. On the other hand, I'm thinking that little extra on the track might actually be helpful in getting the top to seal.

    What do you guys think?

    Thanks for any help/suggestions you might have.

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    Dunno about enlarging the drains, but you should replace the original rubber hoses, and extend them outside of the body.
    Use stiffer stuff to avoid kinks.
    For the fronts you'll find an existing opening in the inner rocker box near the center door post; I think its just to the rear of a body brace which will shield the end of the hose.
    For the rears you have to drill a hole in the lower inner quarters, with maybe a grommet for a snug fit.


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      Skyway: Thanks for the info. I'm probably not going to mess with enlarging the drains but your suggestions about the placement of the tubes is great. Thanks!


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        You are welcome, but I cannot take credit.
        I did it to mine too, but the idea came from a tech article in Turning Wheels 30+ years ago!
        Don't know if you can find it but the article was all about re-gasketing and otherwise rain proofing Wagonaires.


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          I believe that the main thing with the drain hoses is keeping them clear/open (other than where they exit).
          Gary L.
          Wappinger, NY

          SDC member since 1968
          Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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            All good suggestions but I wouldn't try to enlarge the openings. When I redid my '64 wagon some years ago I removed the broken, rotted rubber hoses and replaced them all with clear vinyl from the local mom/pop hardware store. I extended the front hoses at the "B" pillar through the rocker and the rear hoses through the rear 1/4 panel. The new seals helped too. Yes try to keep the drains clear. You can use a blast of air from the bottom up.
            Rob in PA.


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              Menards has several sizes of flexible clear hose in lengths of 10' and 25' for only a few dollars. I bought some to use as temporary fuel line and even after running gas through it, it stays flexible.


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                Thanks to all who responded. I'll pass on enlarging the drains and go with the new hoses. Thanks Stude1964 for the suggestions on exit locations.

                I'm sure I'll have more questions as I put the Wagonaire back together. Sure glad I found this Forum! Great folks and Great information!