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66 Cruiser heater valve

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  • Cool/Heat: 66 Cruiser heater valve

    A local club member is having an issue with the heater valve in his 66 Cruiser, 3spd, 6 cylinder car. He installed a new valve, but it doesn't seem to be working and is looking for pictures of a properly set up valve, or since it's under the dash, if someone can send copies of the appropriate pages in a shop manual for the 66?
    We only have manuals for the 64 and earlier.

    It's been some time since he first installed the valve, started having problems, so now, too much time has passed for him to be sure enough how it was removed, so he's looking for help to at least get to the correct hose setup, since apparently, there are several ways things can hook up the valve for that model. (I'm told)

    Thank you.

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    Sorry don't have photos for you. Did he buy a "new" valve or have the old one rebuilt? I'm asking because if new, it will need to be hooked up different, as I gather the new ones work backwards from the original and some linkage changes or position changes in the location of it might be needed to get it to work. Try to get as much info as you can on the valve being put in, then the Lark experts can better help you.


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      Thanks. I told him this last night, someone on FB also said the same thing was likely. It was a new valve and not a rebuilt one. I think he needs to break down and buy himself a manual.


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        IF he had a Stock Ranco Automatic Heater Control Valve which he does not, the '64 Shop Manual would be fine, because the Valve install job under the dash is no different from '63-'66.

        It is the "Replacement" Heater Control Valves which are Ball Valves, that all work backwards.
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          thank you, I'll pass that information along.