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  • Fuel System: carbon???

    So over the weekend had the Avanti out for a 200 mile problem all day ....water temp steady at 180 @60-70 MPH, and steady 50 LBS oil pressure.

    Had occassion to stop few times and she started up again no problem.

    End of day cleanup at the garage had the car stopped for about two hours................then when I went to start her to put away, the car backfired (loud cracking sound) throught the carb as I remember.......cranked again and she started up with no any thought what that back fire was all about.

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    Your guess is as good as any. Perhaps the fuel percolated from the float chambers from heat soak, into the intake plenum, making for an over rich condition in the plenum, or many other possibilities. As long as it's running fine now, I'd check timing etc. when I had a chance, remove the air cleaner and check no fuel is dripping down the throttle bores after shutdown on a short run, might also be wise, perhaps an inlet needle is starting to leak a little or got temporarily hung up. If that checks out I'd chalk it up to the Studebaker gods and todays volatile fuels and let it go for now.