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Window info for 53 starliner ht

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  • Body / Glass: Window info for 53 starliner ht

    Hi guys,
    My father just purchased a 53 Starliner HT. It is going to be a very nice car when completed. The previous owner and his son started the restoration and had it nearly completed when he passed. His son lost interest in the car without his dad. So I am going to help my Father finish the restoration. He is very excited to get the car, When I trailered it to his house we arrived about 8:00 pm. My mother told me he was up the next morning at 5:30 am working on the car. My father is 78

    We are having a problem with the rear side windows. We can't figure out how the window guides and the regulators are installed in the body. We must have assembled them 10 times, We can get the window to roll up and down until we tighten the bolts. Then everything binds up.

    We don't have a manual for the body to see if we are missing any parts. Does anyone have a parts breakdown for the windows? Or know where to buy a body manual for the car? Thanks for all your help


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    Google "Studebaker Vendors" for a list. And have a field day as you find out how available parts are for your Studebaker.
    And then there is always ebay.
    The pictures in the reproduction manuals are not always very clear. Originals have the best and clearest pictures.
    The manuals are also available on CD.
    OH, and welcome to the site.
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      Welcome and you are very lucky to have acquired the most beautiful car ever built, IMHO.
      Do you have pictures of the car and the window parts in question?


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        Here's an excellent tutorial from the SDC tech tips page............


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          Congrats on your '53!! I bought a '53 Starliner that was delivered a week ago. Many will agree that they are the prettiest car that Studebaker ever built. I feel lucky to have one.

 is just what it sounds like. and are two of the largest vendors.

          Consider buying the Chassis parts book, the Body parts book, and the factory shop manual. The chassis and body book go "hand in hand" and they're invaluable.

          Another book that's worth getting, though you may have to hunt for it, is "Studebaker's Finest" by John Bridges. John described it himself as, "A history and restoration guide for the '53-'54 Studebaker sports coupe."

          If it'll help, here's the exploded view of the rear window assembly for your hardtop from the parts book.


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            Welcome to the SDC Forum! You have a great car there.
            You won't have to hunt for John Bridges' book, it is on page 12 of Studebaker International's catalog.
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              Thanks Guys,
              I'm sure the info posted will really help us. I'm going to try to find John Bridges book. You guys really make us feel welcome. There is a wealth of knowledge on this forum. I feel confident that if we any questions that someone on this forum has the answer. I'll see if I can post some pictures of the car. Thanks again. Boe


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                Welcome to the forum! There are some great SDC'ers in North Carolina that would be a great resource for you and your dad. May i ask what part of the state you are in?
                If you have not yet joined SDC, I'd encourage you to do so. The monthly magazine "Turning Wheels" is worth the price of admission by itself.
                Mike Davis
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