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Advice needed on installing reproduction inner fin mouldings - 57-61 Hawks

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  • Body / Glass: Advice needed on installing reproduction inner fin mouldings - 57-61 Hawks

    Im not sure if this question has been asked before, apologies if it has........

    We have been retailing the reproduction inner fin moulding kits for 1957-61 Hawks (as made by Classic Enterprises) for a while now and these are a great replacement of rusted original strips. But as most of you will already know, they come in straight lengths and need to be curved to follow the body shape. I know some of our customers have done this successfully (or had it done by someone). But some of our customers are struggling with this installation and I am having a hard time getting recommendations from those who did it successfully. They have either forgotten who did it for them or how they did it. So I am looking for any reasonable suggestions that may assist our customers and any other Hawk owners facing the same problem.

    Thanks, Chris.

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    I bought a set of the straight ones and got a reasonable fit by putting the first stud in and attaching it with the nut on the inside. Then we kept the next few inches hot with a torch as we gradually pulled it down and around the curve. Each time we got to a mounting hole,the next stud was put in and the nuts were slowly tightened as we went. Could not tighten them all the way because then you can't get the next stud in its hole. Once you work around the first 18 or so inches it gets easy because you only have to bend in one direction.

    The good news is that CE now has them that are pre-bent on the front end. I bought a set of those but haven't installed them yet. I am waiting to get the fins back on the car. I hope they make the job a lot easier.
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      Thanks wdills, that sounds like a pretty good method if getting them to follow the curve, thanks!