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How to drain PS unit?

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  • Steering: How to drain PS unit?

    I have studied the manual on my 66 Daytona and there does not seem to be any instructions on how to replace the PS fluid. I cannot find a drain plug on the reservoir. Without removing the entire pump and tipping it upside-down (that would only remove ~ 1/2 of the fluid, leaving all the fluid in the lines), is there a better way to change fluid in these units?

    This is most likely the original fluid so I'd really like to change it. Thanks,

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    You can flush it by disconnecting the return side, placing it into a container and running the engine, but you should only do that if you have someone helping to avoid running the pump dry. A gentler way is to use a suction pump and suck the chamber dry, then add more fluid, run the engine and turn the steering wheel lock to lock a few times. Repeat this several times until the fluid is clean and pink, 2-3 times should do it. Don't use modern PS fluid, it is not the same as the type "F" trans fluid that is recommended.


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      Thanks, Hawk. Good tip on the fluid since I am putting Dextron III in the new tranny and had planned to use the same in the PS, forgetting that I have not rebuild it. That would have been a mistake!

      I like the pump and fill method. The real object here is to replace the additives and remove most of the really old stuff and this will work fine. Don't have a suction pump but like the old saying goes, have turkey baster, will suck.