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'49 door panels

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  • Interior: '49 door panels

    I am redoing the interior door panels of my 49 Champion Regal coupe. Whoever did the last "restoration" discarded the stainless lower door kick plates and the curved stainless decorative strips, Does anyone have these parts and if so would you be willing to sell?

    Also: in the past I have glued 1/8" thick cotton to the new door fabric, which has to be done very carefully to avoid wrinkles when reinstalling. Has anyone used foam backed headliner material for this application? Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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    I would stick with cotton. Foam rubber breaks down with age and heat. Most of my newer cars have sagging headliners because the foam broke down and seperated from the hardboard backing. Now I have a bunch of pins holding it up and off my head.


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      What is the body style and trim level.
      This info is found on a small tag on the firewall under the hood on the passenger side (LHD)
      I have stripped out over one hundred Studebakers and have a large pile of trim.
      Pictures of the items would help but if they are missing maybe someone with a similar car can take some.
      I am stripping out a 1949 Champion 8GW1.
      Robert Kapteyn


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        Thanks TWChamp for the advice on the cotton. Makes a lot of sense.

        rkapteyn: This is a 49 Champion Regal Starlight, model 8GW5. The metal tag under the hood is missing. The stainless lower door panels are part #285951, pic on p. 15 of the Body Parts Catalog. These run the width of the door, about 3-4 inches wide, and I think are identical to the trim around the bottom of the front seat on Regal models. The stainless trim strips attach by prongs thru the door panel, part #290176 (right) and 290177 (left), page 51 in the same catalog. I could make use of other strips not identical to these if you have them. Thanks for your help.


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          Those door strips shouldn't be too hard to find, especially if other years fit. I do know French Lake Auto Parts has some 50 2 door Studes in the yard. I also know of a guy with a 1949 2 door, but he won't sell parts, and wants $600 for the car, which I don't think is worth the price.