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I need an R2 Water manifold

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  • Cool/Heat: I need an R2 Water manifold

    A friend of mine has an Avanti that was shipped new as an R2. Early on, someone removed the supercharger to provide for installation of A/C. The current owner is now re-installing a supercharger and keeping the A/C (with a new small modern compressor). Whoever removed the original supercharger apparently also changed the water manifold to the non-supercharged one. Guess what? Now we need the proper R2/R3 water manifold so we can install the supercharger. According to the Chassis Part Catalog, the part number we need is 1557961 (water manifold with plugs). Can someone help me? I have placed a wanted posting on the Studebaker Swap website, but I want to broaden the search. Thanks very much for your help.
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    Avanti water manifolds are the same, just 1 heater hose outlet is different. Not a deal breaker. The supercharger bracket is not part of the water manifold, but in fact bolts to it seperately. On NON Avantis however the R2 JTS manifold is different from an R1.
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      Brad you and Jeff, (deep-in-hock) are true sages on this forum........... always eager to read and absorb all that you have discovered concering our great vehicles:-)...........only wish I had the cash to have you do a ground up on my car!!:-)


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        You said water manifold change from the crab style that comes with the Avanti to the standard one on all other V-8's if so then you do have the wrong one if not then they are the same, I just sold 2 crab style.
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          John Erb has them for sale.