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    My 1961 Lark had no keys when I got it. Ignition has been changed, but I can't lock the doors or the trunk. My key codes are: Ignition - 4142, trunk is 1264. I know some of you have lots of keys. I had corresponded with rkapteyn in the past. Anyone have keys to sell that will fit my car??

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    Your best bet is probably going to be to take the locks to a locksmith and have keys made for them.


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      You need to take your ignition barrel and door barrels to a locksmith and get him to re-code the door barrels to match the ignition (assuming it is correct and has 2 good keys). This is not a difficult operation for a locksmith on pre-1963 barrels. The trunk barrel should be coded to match the glove box lock and has a different key/tumbler profile.

      Door/ign and trunk/glovebox key blanks are available from a number of Stude vendors.