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How do you take the Dash board off a 50 champion

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  • How do you take the Dash board off a 50 champion

    I'm restoring a 1950 champion but i cant take the dash board off. Some levers are holding it on and i dont know what to do. Any advice?

    Flint Le-Doux

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    I'm sure others will be able to help more. The 50 Champion manual says to remove the windshield garnish moulding, glove box, all switches, hand brake, speedo cable etc. Then remove the two bolts and nuts from each instrument panel body bracket and the two nuts and washers from the studs on each bracket.
    Disconnect the battery before doing any of this. No mention of any levers.
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      Welcome to the Forum!
      It would help if you had the 1950 Shop Manual, available from most Stude Vendors. There are lots of things connected to the dash including the oil pressure line and the lever that opens the right air vent. Tell us more and we can help more.

      Brad Johnson
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        Find out what the "levers" are connected to and UNHOOK them! The only "levers" I can think of are the parking brake lever (handle actually - it attaches to the bottom edge of the dash with a couple of bolts) and the little lever that actuates the righthand vent door.
        Then you have some cables that work the hood latch, heater controls, overdrive, if so equipped - and the two bolts holding the steering column. Beyond that there's two bolts at each end and several screws along the upper edge, just below the windshield.
        The cable to the WS wiper motor, to the engine temp gage, the speedometer cable, the wiring to the various switches and it should come out.[^]

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