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hill holder problem

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  • Brakes: hill holder problem

    I posted awhile back about problems with my 49 business coupe hill holder, and I would appreciate any help that could be given. The unit was working, but would not release properly, remaining on when I tried to pull away up a hill. I partially disassembled the unit, without removing the large plug (stuck - probably a good thing). Seemed clean inside, but I flushed it good. Same problem on reinstall. Now I notice from the parts book that I think it's missing a part on the control rod. There is a spacer, 1105-9 shown, which is not on my car. Can anyone tell me the length of the spacer, and confirm the location as being between the lever and end nuts? The parts book shows it uninstalled, and it's obscured in the service manual. Better yet, a photo of a functional unit would be excellent if anyone happens to have a car on a lift. This unit is the earlier NoRol unit for the model 8G. Thanks for any assistance.

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    Have you tried adjusting the rod length? My 50 Champion doesn't release until just as the clutch starts to grab. One of these days I'm going to adjust it so it releases just a hair sooner. The next time I'm under the car I can take a picture if no one else posts one first.


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      If you had the parts book open ,give me the part number of the needed part.


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        yes, but without the spacer, I think it's way off. I can't get it to release with the clutch.


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          The part number is 188323.


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            I went under my 50 Champion today to take this picture of my hillholder. I also turned the nut in a couple turns, so the brakes release a bit quicker when releasing the clutch pedal. The spacer is just a thin sleeve with a flare on each end, and it's 1 1/2" long. Click image for larger version

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              Thanks so much! that's very helpful. Although yours is the later model NoRol, the spacer is the same, according to the parts book. I'll make one up and let you know what happens.


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                Originally posted by Ron Smith View Post
                The part number is 188323.
                I stock these and many other hill holder linkages and parts.
                I am old and slow so please have patience.