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1964 GT Hawk Hood mounting hardware

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  • Body: 1964 GT Hawk Hood mounting hardware


    I am installing my re-chromed grill. For my 1964 GT Hawk. The PO had it installed with just (2) 1/4-20 studs, flat washers and nuts. I can't find reference to these parts in the manual. In reading previous posts, I found reference to a p/n 286847. This was associated with a non-functioning picture. What hardware do I need to install this grill and what was this p/n 286847?

    1964 Gran turismo Hawk
    1954 Packard Pacific

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    The only hardware I found on my '63 GT were the studs, flat washers and nuts as you describe. I reinstalled mine with the judicious use of some thin, wide weatherstripping on the grill side (you can't tell it's there) and some rubber washers under the flat washers, along with some careful light torquing of the nuts to help avoid the dimpled metal on the sides of the grill that you so often see. My car is not a show car, so I'm mostly concerned with function.