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  • Shocks: 1947 Champion

    As we all know the shock absorbers on 47/49's are "knee action" shocks. In the 68 years of this car's existence I can assume the the shock oil has never been changed or topped off. The shop manual calls for Houdaille 1404 oil. I'm quite sure "O'Rileys" has no idea what Houdaille 1404 oil might be. Does anyone have experience or knowledge on these shocks and what oil could be used? Possibly ATF or power steering fluid? I realize the viscosity has every thing to do with the shock's performance.

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    A few years ago I had the same question about my old '49 2R10.
    I talked to the shock guys at Penske racing, and asked them that same question.
    They told me at the time to just use 50wt motor oil.
    I put it in that truck, and the shocks never gave me any problems.
    (Just don't hand cycle the shocks with the cap off... That oogy old black oil will really make your face look funny)
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      In the day, these were pretty regularly maintained, however little maintenance was required. Anymore, for professional rebuild, you need to turn to Apple Hydraulics.
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        From an old thread: "the proper fluids from: FIVE POINTS CLASSIC. AUTO SHOCKS PH: 714-979-0451"

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