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steering questions

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  • Steering: steering questions

    Hi I have a 65 Commander with manual steering. I have the front Clip (fenders , inner fenders , hood etc,) off the car. I am putting in new springs ,shocks and brake lines. I checked the kingpins for movement by trying to move the tire (up and down and side to side) with the car on jackstands. There was no movement what so ever. I greased all the fittings on the steering. Here are my questions. How much oil goes in the steering box? Does it take oil or grease? Should I check anything else while I have the car apart? Before I took the car apart it steered good but tended to wander a bit. I will have my car aligned by a old time shop that I know has the knowledge to do it right. Thanks

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    Wandering can be caused by tires and/or inflation as well as things like tie rod ends and alignment. Stude Intl sells a medium grease for the steering gear -- it's heavier than the original spec, but that helps to reduce leaking from old systems. It's similar in weight to CV joint grease.
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      You had better take a better look at all the rubber suspension bushings and this time clean your glasses as I have never seen any that were not rotten and cracked. You also need to check the belcrank. The belcrank is that funny looking arm that pivots in the center of the car right under the engine. If you can raise the belcrank arm up and down the bearings in it need replaced. You can not check the belcrank by just turning the steering wheel and checking for slack. A worn belcrank allows the front wheels to toe in and out as you drive down the road. There are vendors that sell bushing kits OEM type or delrin/nylon. I suggest not using OEM type unless you want to do the same work over again in 15 years. Since you have everything off up front it is a good time to check for frame cracks. PM me I have photos of my 65 that is sitting in the same condition as yours and hopefully this week my nephews RAM wil be done and he will have my frame welded as I still cant mig weld upside down.

      You did make one BIG mistake. You removed your hood and now you will have a much harder time alligning the hood and fenders. I left my hood on as something was telling me not to get in such a hurry to get a better hood on Pinkie and the new hood on the 65.
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