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    Originally posted by reichsrundfunk View Post
    No power steering, Bob. And thanks to everyone for their input.
    OK; 'just thought I'd ask. Power Steering adds to vapor lock problems on V8s because the OEM fuel line gets routed between the left cylinder head and the power steering bracketry, making a nice, toasty little oven for it. Ugh.

    While I'm not opposed to electric pumps out of hand, I'd first try a modified MoPar high-capacity "regular" fuel pump available from Phil Harris at Fairborn Studebaker. My 1964 Daytona sedan with power steering vapor-locked constantly until I installed one of Phil's Mighty MoPar pumps and re-routed the fuel line from the pump to the carb out near the fender apron, rather than thread it through the stock location that I knew was too much of an incubator.

    The car has performed perfectly ever since; not a hint of vapor lock during the two years since I installed it.

    Likewise, my 1964 Daytona convertible with power steering and base 259 was starting to vapor lock under hotter conditions, but not all that regularly. I installed a Phil Harris Modifioed MoPar pump on it and have had no trouble since. BP
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      wooden clothespins will work all the them right where the PS pump would be....(4-6)