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V8 Crank Question

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  • Engine: V8 Crank Question

    Is the front snout length on a '62 full flow 259 crankshaft the same length as a '62 289 crankshaft? I want to put an R1 harmonic balancer on a 259 crank for a blower drive mock up. I do not want to press the balancer on and off a half a dozen times so I plan to turn the end of an old junk crank down so the balancer is a slip fit. This will save me a bunch of time. The Jimmy 471 is going on the Stude this summer.


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    Both full flow crank snouts should be the same length.
    Jamie McLeod
    Hope Mills, NC

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    1958 Commander "Christine"
    1964 Wagonaire "Louise"
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      Yes, no, maybe.

      Stude changed snout lengths about that time. You'd have to measure both to know which is on what.

      The other thing is just because it's the right year and car S/N doesn't mean it's the original engines.

      jack vines