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1950 Champion Arm Rests Mounting Holes and Color Change?

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  • Interior: 1950 Champion Arm Rests Mounting Holes and Color Change?

    A few months ago I mentioned that I needed to find good rear arm rests for my 50 Champion 2 door sedan. Last week I found a good pair at the South Bend swap meet. They looked good but the lip of rubber that hooks on the metal lip was pulled back off the lip. When I got them home I cleaned them by a lot of rubbing with Meguires cleaner/wax. Not only did it work well to clean them, but they feel even softer laike they were just made, and they hook the metal nicely now.

    My question is why does the metal frame have two sets of holes, but the rubber cover only has one, and it lines up with the front holes on the frame? The guy that restored the car cut extra holes in the original cover so he could mount the rest forward. I went to mount them yesterday by using the factory hole, but they were rearward enough to poke into the rear seat back cushion. Plus this left the old imprint of the previous mounting in the upholstery panel. So I too cut new holes and mounted them forward 1/2".

    Also notice the brown color variation. One is brown and the other looks grey brown. I did notice this same color difference on a couple cars at South Bend last week. Does anyone know why the colors are different and why the different mountin holes? Thanks, Tom

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    I think your answer is that the metal part was used in both the 2 door F body and 4 door W body cars.
    Looking at the body parts book it shows different rubber pads though. So maybe the pads you have were for a W body.
    I think all those pads are supposed to be covered, either in cloth or leather depending in trim level of the car.


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      F1 (Custom trim) was not covered.
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