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Hawk Vent Window Challenges

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  • Other: Hawk Vent Window Challenges

    After reviewing as many threads as possible here on the forum, I have failed to find any that discusses the rail/channel at the rear of the vent window assembly on my 1957 Golden Hawk. I removed both vent window assemblies and found that the channel that guides the door window is slightly bent on both assemblies. Is this normal? I have a hard time believing that the window could slide up and down (as) easily with the slight bend in the guide channel. Maybe someone can help me understand before I jump in and try to straighten out something that doesn't need fixing!
    Also, what is the best way to remove the vent window itself from the assembly? The upper post looks like it has a slotted screw that, once remove might be the way to then tilt the vent window and remove it from the assembly. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try, I cant get the screw to turn and I am afraid to force it. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

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    How slightly bent? It can't be much or the window would be stuck I think. The door glass is flat and so is the frame, so if the channel is significantly bent I would think it would bind. If these are bent on both side, wonder how that happened?

    Do you have the door apart? That upper pivot screw does need to come out if you want the vent glass out. There is a VERY EASILY snapped off pot metal post at the bottom that fits down in the outer frame into a nylon bushing. I also seem to recall a washer down there too but its been some time since I had one apart. If you get the window out w/o breaking the post (assuming its not already broken) it may be difficult to get it back in w/o taking the whole outer frame out of the door first to see what is happening.

    If you do take the outer frame out, you can possibly do a better effort of penetrating oil on the stuck screw. Also clean and lube that nylon bushing. Those get dried up/stuck and when the window won't open easily and gets a good shove it snaps off the pot metal post...

    There are lots of fussy adjustments via slots and bolts on all the K body door windows and you have your work cut out if you need to disturb them.

    Jeff in ND


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      Thanks for the comments Jeff.
      The rail is slightly bent - not much but the same bend on each side. These vent windows mate to power windows and I think the previous owner had attempted to adjust them without success. The felt in the channel was all jammed up and grease everywhere. I just need to confirm that they need to be straight and I will straighten them. I removed the entire outer vent assembly and vent window without difficulty. I see what you mean with all the brackets with slotted adjustment holes - it will be interesting to reinstall and align properly. The vent glass was bubbly so I need to remove the glass , find the right replacement glass, replace the seals and then re- install. I guess the only thing I can do is continue hitting that top pivot with penetrating oil. It just doesn't want to move and I would hate breaking it. I don't think there is an easy way to remove the bubbly glass and the hard rubber seals without removing the vent from the outer frame. But maybe I will have to try that?