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What Does This Hole Do?

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  • Engine: What Does This Hole Do?

    During the overhaul assembly of my '57 289 engine, I discovered the front valve lifter on the left bank has an oil hole near its base, on the side. In researching the forum, discussing replacement of lifters back in their original holes, I find no mention of this one lifter being placed in the front lifter hole.
    What does it do?

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    Help, I'm desperate! I don't want to finish the engine assembly until I know why that one lifter has a hole in it, and none of the others do.


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      The Older (OEM, Original '57) lifters had an Oil Hole, someone has replaced the other 15 with the later version, which is sometimes shorter and lighter and none have Holes, there is NO reason your car is that way except ignorance or being very conservative.

      I would want then matching, but I don't think the Engine cares.
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        Thanks for that information. The engine has been reworked at some time in the past, and the "switch" probably occurred at that time. I think I will replace the oddball lifter.


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          I'm also a "matching" type of guy. When I bought my second Studebaker in 1969 (a 1950 Commander) it had two burned exhaust valves, so I bought all 6 for a grand total of $7.60.


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            And, by the header.... I thought it was going political... Well duh, Jeff..
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              Be sure to check the push rod lengths also, that one on the odd ball lifter may be a bit shorter as well.


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                Thanks guys for all the tips. I will check these items before final assembly.