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1963 Lark Gasser (info needed)

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  • Front Axle / Front Suspension: 1963 Lark Gasser (info needed)

    I've started to disassemble my 1963 Lark (out goes the engine, trans, rear-end, front end, rims, tires, etc). I would like any info anyone who has put a straight axle front end.

    All parts removed are for sale.

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    Why put in a stright axle when it is plenty easy to rebuild what you have and just change the front coils if need be? With Pinkie I was able to leave the six cylinder car coils even as a stroker small block just isnt that heavy.

    Some time down the road you may change your mind and decide to drive it on the street and without a front end that turns better that will be hard. My neighbor used to run a 11 second Chevie II with a straight axle and it was a bugger getting that car back into street condition.

    If you are wondering about the stock suspension holding up ask Ted Harbit or some others how well they do hold up. From my experience running Pinkie and I was running supercharged the stock suspension is just fine when rebuilt.
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      If you want a gasser, build a gasser. I have a good friend that did exactly what you want and he does excellent work. I just contacted him about discussing your setup and he said he will contact you by PM. He's under the weather currently so if you don't hear from him in a couple of days, let me know.

      Good luck, Bob


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        Your car, your it your way...!
        Don't let anyone bother your ideas.

        Pretty simple to install a straight axle. There are many "kits" availible. Just type in "straight axle kit" into google..!



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          forum member "wheels777" (sorry can't remember his name) has a straight-axle Lark that has seen strip action and plenty of street miles...I'm sure he has gained some wisdom on the matter. perhaps PM him? junior
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