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1963 Lark Headlight Circuit Breaker Location?

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  • Electrical: 1963 Lark Headlight Circuit Breaker Location?

    I loathe working under dashes, so every little bit of help is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,

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    IIRC, the breakers are under the dash, a little above the headlight switch location. If you have to work under the dash, take the front seat out, and put down some blankets to lie on. Makes it quite easy, unless, of course, taking the seat out becomes a struggle.
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      All I need to do is replace that breaker.

      Its a bucket seat so maybe....


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        I looked above the headlight switch and there appears to be nothing above it to under neath the LHS instrument gauge cluster.

        I have a complete 63 Lark dash with the wiring harness removed - all switches and instruments are intact - and there is no breaker bolted down anywhere, especially near the headlight switch.

        Is the breaker attached to the steel horizontal frame/brace that runs along the bottom of the dash and to which the steering wheel and clutch bracket are fastened to?

        Does the breaker have a tab and screwed down, snap into a bolted down clip, or just hang with the wiring?



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          The breaker snaps into a small holder that has a tab that clips into the back of the dash on the far left hand side. There is a flat area there and the holder just clips in to a small hole, which holds it securely.
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            YES - found it!

            Thank you so much - it would have been a genuine Easter Egg Hunt without knowing.

            It is really back because I don't think you can lay eyes on it even if up under the dash due to the pedals. Got all up in there and still had to use a mirror to see it. Once I knew where it was, I could "snake" my hand in there and get it.

            Once you know where it is, it's not that bad a replacement - a lot easier than the switch I'm guessing.


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              You are correct - replacing the rocker switches in '63 - '66 dashes is a real PITA. If you must replace one, it pays to disassemble the new one prior to installation and coat the contacts with dielectric grease - makes 'em operate smoother and keeps 'em from oxidizing.

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                '63 - '66 Lark type switches are not that hard to replace. Note that one of the attaching features is slotted, thus the screw only has to be loosened enough so the switch can be removed. To remove the other screw, I alway put a spot of grease on the screw head so that it stays with the screwdriver. The grease is equally handy when reinstalling the screw - keeps it on the screwdriver enough to get it started in the thread. Also, with the switch removed, there is plenty of room to transfer the wires.
                I may only think it is easy since I have changed so many of these switches - but, there is nothing to fear!


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                  Here are various pics:

                  Here is a pic where the headlight breaker is. There is a small hole very close to the cable connection to the LHS slider control. That is where the holding bracket is attached.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Wiring_Lark_63 002.jpg
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Size:	102.9 KB
ID:	1696438

                  And here is where the wiper breaker is. Same size hole on RHS of cluster but lower.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Wiring_Lark_63 006.jpg
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Size:	89.9 KB
ID:	1696439
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                    NOTICE: The breaker is "polarized" meaning one terminal is connected to the Battery while the Load is on the other terminal. The shorter terminal is the Battery terminal.

                    When disconnecting it, it appeared both wires were black, however I will be checking if one had a stripe.

                    I should have marked the wires so that they could be installed back to the proper terminal, but I did not.

                    I'll EDIT this if I find any kind of color differentiation in the 2 connectors.

                    EDIT: Yes, the battery is the solid black while the other connector is black w/light blue stripe

                    Here are some pics of the breaker and a couple "Where's Elmo" pics of the breaker bracket with breaker removed and then installed. (I have to laugh - its even hard to find if its staring you right in the face!)

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	breaker (Medium).jpg
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ID:	1696449Click image for larger version

Name:	breaker_bracket (Medium).jpg
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ID:	1696450Click image for larger version

Name:	breaker_mounted (Medium).jpg
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ID:	1696451
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