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Avanti Cowl Induction Hood and Gas Struts

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  • Body: Avanti Cowl Induction Hood and Gas Struts

    Weather's better, I'm pumped to get going on the 74 Avanti and tired of waiting for my favorite painter to get some free time so I'm moving ahead to prepare for painting the little guy myself. I haven't pulled a paint gun trigger in anger for more than 10 years but I will now.

    First steps are to get the cowl induction hood ready and add gas struts to the hood. The body is pretty close to paintable due to the work I put into it last year. It needs a final coat of High Build but it's darn close and one more sanding will make it ready for paint.

    Over the last two weeks the hood has made it to initial primer but it needs a lot more smoothing. I like the look but it needs a couple small modifications. I put it on today and added the struts. The struts are from a mid-2000 Jeep Wrangler and the brackets were purchased from the supplier that was mentioned a few days ago in a post. Lift Supports Depot. About $55 delivered to Michigan for all the items.

    Hood installed

    Click image for larger version

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    Struts installed

    Click image for larger version

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    Gas strut parts

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20150424_122840_1.jpg
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    The hood probably weighs about half again as much as the OEM set up but the struts help lift it and hold it up just fine. I'd like another 5-10 pounds of lift but it's ok. The site says the struts generate 28#s of force so they should be just right for a stock setup.

    I also have a pair of 2015 Mustang GT Hood heat extractors setting in the car and looking at the best spots and methods to install them.

    Cold air in - Hot air out Avanti, Bob
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    Lookin' good!

    I have one question though. Are you sure that shade of yellow is bright enough? It's hard enough to find an Avanti in a parking lot amongst the rest, will it be bright enough to stand out?

    Seriously, I do like the colour. Looking forward to the rest of the body matching.



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      SOB...nice work on the hood...the additional rear lip/overhang looks awesome! What wheels and tires are you going with? cheers, junior
      1954 C5 Hamilton car.


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        Ken - I'm trying to make this one as "in your face" as I can stand. The last few have all been pretty conservative, color wise. I've had a thing for yellow BBC's and 70 GSX's forever, so on we press.

        Junior - As with yellow, I have a thing for Mustang Bullit Rims so I'll start with these (17 X 8")

        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20150406_142655.jpg
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ID:	1696388 I'll probably darken the spokes and center. Not much in these from craigslist so if I'm not happy I can change them.

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          I get you on that colour. While I really like the "daquiri ice" colour it was originally, that is better if you are looking to go under the radar. Yes, I really do like it. In this case I also see where you are going and I think the only more over the top might be fusia or lavender (too 50's). I really am not into yellow but I once did a `78 Harley Sportster in a chrome yellow for the gas tank, oil tank and fenders against the black of the cylinders and frame and polished outer cases. KILLER! I have only seen one other Avanti in chrome yellow and it was just as nice as that Sportster but I'm betting your's will be better because the other Avanti was given a resale paint job, clearly not the same as what you are doing.

          Do not slow down, you are on a roll!

          Ken B.