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1957 Silver Hawk - Trans fluid capacity

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  • 1957 Silver Hawk - Trans fluid capacity


    You all have helped allot, now I'm puzzled again. I'm working off a 1955 Shop manual and some internet articles from Turning Wheels. Somewhere I may have gone astray. I have a 1957 Silver Hawk, 289 with automatic trans (no overdrive).

    I drained my trans fluid, drained the torque converter, dropped the pan, cleaned the screen , installed a new gasket and refilled with new "F" fluid.

    I added three quarts, started the car, shifted gears, then added five more quarts. I haven't driven the car since refilling, but the fluid level shows way above full (approx 1 quart high).

    Did I goof up and add too much fluid (8 quarts)? Or will it even out once I drive it for awhile (transfer fluid to torque converter)?

    Will I hurt the trans if I drive it while it appears to be overfilled?

    Thanks much, MR

    On a humorous note. This is my first Studebaker. All my other cars seemed to be quicker. My Studebaker is my only car that has mud dauber (wasps) nests on the under body. I'm assuming my other cars must have been faster. Just an observation.

    Mark Rogers

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    The Shop Manual shows 18 Pints which should be 9 Quarts, you should be down 1 quart if you had the converter drain plug straight down and let it all drain out. I don't see how you could be overfilled. But driving it with one quart over or under a short distance should not hurt it. If it is low, you will hear the familiar buzzing sound and know it's low. Normally, you can get a good fill by just going through each gear slowly running it 45 seconds or so in each gear with the brake on several times, and do not need to drive it.

    Going through low, second and high may fill the clutch drums completely and get it to 1 Qt. low, like it should be with 8 Qts. in there.

    This '57 Silver Hawk should not have an oil cooler, and should have an under the floor filler and dipstick in the cap, it does need to be checked in Drive however with the parking brake set and wheels blocked, idling at normal "in gear" speed between 500-600 RPM.

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      Thanks for the help. I did what you said, and I ended up being one quart low. I added a quart and it appears to be fine.

      Thanks much. Mark

      Mark Rogers