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Oil filler tube removal

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  • Engine: Oil filler tube removal

    Don't know how it happened but sometime in my Flight Hawk's previous life, someone removed the oil filler tube from the block (185 6) and put it back on backwards , so the pipe angles rearward, negating any chance of mounting my oil filter kit. How do I reposition it? It seems like it must be pressed into place and doesn't want to move no matter what I do.

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    Kevin: It is pressed in place, so you must use some force to remove it.

    However, if you don't want to do that and it works fine where it is, why not just position the partial-flow oil filter elsewhere? There's no law that says it must be positioned exactly where it would be if it had been a factory-installed option...and with flexible oil lines in and out, you could even mount it on the firewall or fender apron if you so desired. BP
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      I could probably move it rearward but then I'd have to lose my oil bath air cleaner. I'd rather not mount the bracket anywhere but on the block. I'm guessing "some force" means quite a bit of force? Thinking about what I could use to try twisting it loose that won't distort the pipe. Does it press into the block or press over a stem coming out of the block?


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        I made a gizmo to clamp my Vice-Grips to my slide hammer.
        Popped the fill tube right out.
        Put it gently back in with a foot long chunk of 2x4 and a big rubber mallet.
        Took ten minutes.
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          If you can just break it loose a little bit by tapping UP on the Oil Catcher shelf with a Rubber Mallet, then you will be able to wiggle it back and forth and it will come right out. Reinstalling it is easy, using Jeff's method.

          These get removed to Replace that Core Plug right behind it, so be sure to check that well while the Pipe is out.
          Maybe tap it with a punch to make sure it is solid if it looks questionable.
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            OK guys, thanks, I'll give it a shot!


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              Another way is to whittle a piece of wood such that it will push very snugly down the pipe about 1", and then clamp a worm drive radiator clamp very tightly around the outside of the pipe at the top. Hit upward on the clamp worm drive area with a hammer.
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                I would make an aluminum plug that would just fit snugly into the top inch of the tube, then make a couple metal straps (similar to u-joint straps) that you can bolt to the top outside of the tube to clamp it tight to the aluminum plug. Have the plug drilled and tapped to use a slide hammer, then slap the slide hammer upward, and the tube should slip out with no distortion.