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    Hey all,

    I have searched around on here and google about wheel sizes and am still a bit confused and hoped you all could help. I have a 51 2R5 pick up truck that i need to get moved. There has been a bunch of unwanted attention to it out in a field and it needs to come to a more secure location. NTM its time to rebuild it . I looked and found that its a 5 in 5 wheel but conflicting info on the wheels that will fit it. A local used shop here has some early 90s GM wheels off a two wheel drive something or other, and tires they can get me for about 100$. Will these fit around the Stude drums? I'm in a rush and need to move it this weekend if possible. It still has the original wheels but its been in a field for 20 years and i bet those lugs are a bit tight.

    Hate to make this my first post but the situation demanded it.

    Thanks in advance

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    The GM/Chevy half-ton wheels will "fit", but they will not have the groove on the back side to match the ridge on the Stude truck brake drums. As a result, they don't fit flush against the brake drum surface. They will be good enough to roll the truck if you get enough threads on which to attach the lug nuts, but I wouldn't try to drive the truck with them. The long-term solution is to either get the correct wheels or convert your truck to use the GM brake drums.
    Skip Lackie


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      Washers have been used to clear the "Bumps" on the Drums, but Caution is required because of the Stud length, as Skip said this also will work for limited speed "Moves".
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        Thanks a lot guys. Hopefully getting it picked up on Saturday and brought home. Lots to learn.