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63 Avanti Ignition Reliability

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  • Ignition: 63 Avanti Ignition Reliability

    Owned this vehicle for 7 years with following updates to the ignition system... Mallory Distributor, Mopar ignition coil, new ballast resistor, new ignition switch. I also have mechanical fuel pump and standard NAPA battery. Car performs and drives great, but what else can I do to insure strong reliable ignition? Would a better quality battery help?

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    The battery is only a storage repository for the voltage and reserve amps needed to start the car and run accessories. The quality of the battery is essentially to give sufficient reserve power to keep cranking if the ignition system isn't up to par. What may be of more importance to your question is having good, clean cables and terminal ends and tight, clean connections. Of course a new, strong battery will perform better than an old battery not up to specs anymore. But for your question, it won't improve an ignition system that's already optimal.

    Basically...if it ain't broke...don't fix it.
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      Looking over your list of updates i'd worry more about the fuel system than ignition! Doofus


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        Nothing is foolproof nor is it going to last forever without occasional work/maintenance. Drive it and enjoy it... fix it when you need to!