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Does a 53 overdrive unit have an oil fill?

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  • Does a 53 overdrive unit have an oil fill?

    My friend has a 1953 Starliner V8 with an overdrive 3 speed manual transmission. He was told the unit has an oil fill, maybe two oil fills. We can't find them. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Two oil fill points, one in the top right side and one at the top right of the overdrive unit. Both are 1/2 NPT square head pipe plugs. I have found the best way to fill them both is with a big horse syringe with a rubber tube about a foot long from under the car. Others may have a better method.


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      Thank you very much for the help. I've been a member since 81, and never used this forum before Friday. This is great. We really are the best car club to belong to. Pat yourselves on the back.


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        jg; it is important to fill the Overdrive case FIRST, because there is no vent on it, and the main case will not entirely transfer and level into it, even though they are connected. That is because it will be air locked![:0]

        Leave both plugs out until you wait for them to drip down and level, with the car LEVEL, then re-check that both are FULL before replacing the plugs.

        We had a forum member's T-86 Overdrive self destruct because he did not know either of these important tips.

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          The fills are easy to find. They're the square plugs up on the side of the tranny and OD section. The lower square plugs are for draining the oil. Welcome aboard, BTW!

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