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51 convertible top lift (actuator)

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    Anybody out there know of hydraulic top actuators that would work on a '51 convertible. I would imagine some rework for both top and bottom attachments would be needed.

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    There is a business that can rebuild yours. They also sell new cylinders. Whether they have them for Studebakers I don't know, probably not. They are located in Punta Gorda, FL. or 1 800 343-4261
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      I looked very hard at hydraulics but couldn't find any that would work with 6volts.

      In the end, several convertible experts in the SDC stressed how fragile the pot metal hinges in the top mechanism are, and convinced me to put the top up and down by hand to lessen the strain on them, and to know immediately if one of the hinges was binding.

      Whatever you do, make sure the two sides are driven at exactly the same speed.


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        Explain why you want to change the motor driven system.
        Some parts are still available.
        Let us know what parts you need.
        Some of the top hinges have been reproduced in brass.
        1951 had one double shaft motor with two cables.
        Robert Kapteyn


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          The 51 uses ball screws. If they are rusted up, they can be disassembled - carefully - de-rusted, and put back into operation. These ball screws work much better than a hydraulic system. There is no reason to change it.
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              I have some of the actuator parts
              Barry'd in Studes