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37 coupe express with sudden no spark problem!!!!

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  • Ignition: 37 coupe express with sudden no spark problem!!!!

    I was so close to finally driving my beauty. So I make one last check of everything, you know distributer, cap, wiring ect. Well I found the lead wire to the distributer a little loose, so, to not burn anything up I snugged it down. Then no start. Gosh. Darn. Looking further, I found about four layers of normal paper from what I can tell, insulating the points from the distributer body. My question is could I have tightened the nut too much causing the spark to not happen ? Do the points need to be completely insulated from everything else for them to make the spark jump when opened? I changed the condenser to a new one and was able to get it running but then this happened? Please help. I want to drive it but don't want to damage anything in the process. Think J.S.

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    If the moveable contact on the points is grounded, you get no spark. The non moveable point must be grounded to get a spark. Disconnect the lead between the distributor and coil, not the high tension lead, use an ohmmeter to check that the moveable contact isn't shorting to ground. Be sure that the points are open when doing the test. Put a piece of a business card between the points to be sure they are open. Bud


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      Thanks Bud, I used your info to dwell deeper into my set up and was able to find all the issues surrounding the ignition and she now starts easily and am now driving her.


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        Man that tid bit of info was almost priceless!


        happy trails!